A Complex System Of Cognition

137Question: All the primary sources that we study are written in Hebrew. They are translated into Russian, English, Spanish, and other languages. Is there any difference in the influence when you read the original source in Hebrew or in translation?

Answer: The language of Kabbalah is very specific. The point is that here it is necessary to describe the world that we do not feel, to introduce a person to the sensations of this world, to arouse in him certain reactions, tastes, rumors, and so on. It is necessary to adjust it so that it begins to feel those vibrations that an ordinary person does not feel.

Therefore, there is a certain complexity here, which is not easily overcome. A person’s preparation for sensing the upper world has been going on for many years. Not all people are able to try to comprehend the higher world, since this comprehension is emotional and at the same time analyzed by the conceptual apparatus.

So, this is a very complex system of knowledge that requires serious books and, most importantly, primary sources.
From KabTV’s “Questions about Kabbalistic Books”, 10/22/19

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