Toward Absolute Freedom

933Question: How is independence expressed when the Israelis leave Egypt? From what do they become independent?

Answer: So far they are only running away from Pharaoh, from their egoism. This is not yet gaining independence, but breaking away from slavery, and nothing more. There is a very long way from slave to master.

Comment: Let’s say a country gains independence, just as the Poles became independent from Russia …

My Response: What is their independence? They are all dependent on each other. And most importantly, they are in bad dependence, because it is selfish.

And if they begin to unite with each other in the properties of love and bestowal, then their dependence will be good, they will merge together. Then it will not be considered, as it is today, that they are linked by bonds of some kind. After all, if I know that you love me, then I am independent of you: I use your property of love as a property of my own independence, and you are mine. Then we are free, although the same connection exists between us.

We use our egoism as a link that ties us all into a single net and manifests itself in an eerily obligatory state. We see that we cannot get away from each other, on one hand. On the other hand, when we rise above the ego and build the property of love and bestowal over it, we gain the third level—independence.

The internal property of hatred, egoism, and the property of love, bestowal, create a third line in us—absolute freedom.

Question: As a result, we gain independence from the Creator?

Answer: First of all, from the Creator. Because the Creator is the only one who created this situation. So it is said: “I created evil and gave the Torah to correct it.” He is the first and only one. And I’m only secondary.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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