Where Should We Have Equality?

268.02We are all created differently by nature; there is no need to neutralize, erase, or destroy these differences or consider them bad, unnecessary, or completely useless. On the contrary, we should highlight all the differences between us as much as possible and make them more prominent.

Where should equality be? In making sure that each person does as much as possible at every moment to benefit the whole society.

Comment: But even here we are not equal. You can do more, I can do less.

My Response: But if I do everything within my power and you do everything within yours, then we are equal relative to our unique abilities. You are made this way, I am made that way. So I do as much as I can, and you do as much as you can. One is smart, the other is strong.

Question: And who can determine this?

Answer: No one can. We must be taught to have a correct understanding of nature. Then we will evaluate a person not according to his contribution to society, because some can do more and others can do less in different quantity and quality, but by how much one applies himself given his specific circumstances.

Comment: Nevertheless, a person should have equal opportunities. You talk about upbringing, but not all are the same.

My Response: That is another matter. We should provide everyone not the same but suitable education and upbringing.

From the point of view of nature, a person must be provided with the optimal opportunities he or she needs for correct development in society so that society receives from the person the maximum one can give for its benefit. This is what equal opportunity means.

Question: And who determines what is good for society?

Answer: Society itself and the educational system. It is all depends on education. It should be such that it compels one to feel the need to do everything one can for society. When, ideally, all members of society feel this way, then we can talk about their equality.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/29/19

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