Where Is The Creator Attained?

95Question: How can you justify the Creator in any situation? I cannot deceive myself, especially when I am angry or feel a lack of fulfillment.

Answer: If a person who had absolutely nothing to do with the Creator before begins to feel His presence precisely in suffering, in contradictions, in the properties and actions opposite to the Creator, then this is the justification of the Creator.

Question: Where is His presence felt? In this world, I see, hear, and understand you through my material senses. And where is the Creator understood?

Answer: This is the next sense organ, which is not associated with material sensory organs. He is above them and is their root. What we sense in our senses and mind comes from a higher level. Therefore, it is called faith above reason.

Question: In these roots one can hear the Creator and see the Creator. Are these different types of comprehension?

Answer: Of course seeing and hearing are different types of comprehension. We see this also in the prophets. There are those of them who speak with the Creator, and there are those who see the Creator: “I have heard” or “I have seen.”

Question: It is clear that this is all an allegory because the Creator is all nature. Then how can we talk to Him?

Answer: It depends on the level of the comprehension of the Creator. Therefore, a person who is at a certain stage says: “I heard. I saw. I heard a voice. I had a vision.”

Question: And yet, what is it: nature, the universe, all forces?

Answer: This is comprehension of the next informational level of nature, which is above our five material senses.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/11/19

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