Where Can We Reveal The Creator?

laitman_276_01Question: The wisdom of Kabbalah engages in the revelation of the Creator, but where is He? Is He beyond the universe, meaning beyond its borders, or on another dimension, meaning within the universe but in a parallel space?

Answer: The Creator is a field we exist in. He evokes different sensations in us so that we will begin to feel Him.

Therefore the greatest punishment is when the Creator disappears, when He is concealed from us. We feel the connection between us, but we don’t feel the field, the Creator.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is divided into two parts, one part is meant to lead a person to feel the field. The other part is to investigate the field by becoming similar to it. When we change, we feel the field, the Creator, through our changes. The Creator remains constant and only we change until we fully attain Him.

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