When Will Group Events Resume?

942Question: Psychologists say that prolonged social isolation increases the risk of death by 29%. Presumably, this is because social contacts can ameliorate the negative effects of stress. Online connection is better than nothing, but it cannot replace live interaction.

Do you think virtual connections can fully replace physical contacts without health consequences?

Answer: I think that man is still a social creature. He must communicate with others. He should feel a part of a company, group, family, and society.

Question: There is another problem: we cannot go to sports events or concerts, feel the collective excitement, and be part of group experiences. What can replace the group experiences that we have been lacking for almost a year?

Answer: I think that nature does this specifically so that we will begin to evaluate our closeness, not egotistically but altruistically, that is, to attend such events in order to give pleasure to others and in doing so find our own pleasure.

Group events will not disappear, they will return. Only the intention with which you go to football game will change, to please others and therefore you will be happy. The players will also play to make the audience happy.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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