Spiritual Vision

541Baal HaSulam, TES, Volume 1, Histaklut Pnimit: Indeed, those whose eyes have not been opened to the sights of heaven, and have not acquired the proficiency in the connections of the branches of this world with their roots in the Upper Worlds are like the blind scraping the walls. They will not understand the true meaning of even a single word, for each word is a branch that relates to its Shoresh.

Only if they receive an interpretation from a genuine sage who makes himself available to explain it in the spoken language, which is necessarily like translating from one language to another, meaning from the language of the branches to the spoken language, only then he will be able to explain the spiritual term as it is.

Question: What is spiritual vision in Kabbalah and who is defined as blind?

Answer: A blind person in Kabbalah is a person who has no reflected light, a person who, as the Ari writes, does not have the light coming out of his eyes.

Even in our life, if someone looks at our back, we feel it because there is power in a look that comes from one person’s eyes and it is felt by another. Blind is someone who does not have this power coming from him.

Question: Does a person himself understand that he is blind and must grab onto someone?

Answer: No, he cannot do anything yet because there is no spiritual energy that wants to bestow coming from him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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