The Whole World Toward The Challenge Of Nature

259.02Question: How can humanity rise to the challenge of nature that it now faces? It is clear that everyone makes a decision about themselves. Doctors go to hospitals to save lives. Scientists are developing vaccines. How can this happen to all of humanity?

Answer: Only if there really is a huge problem that absolutely all people on Earth face, and everyone will feel their complete dependence on some upper threat, then, quite possibly, all the people of the world will stand up and unite with each other to overcome this threat. That would be great!

In the meantime, I do not see that. Everything depends on the appearance of a universal external threat. Even if something rumbles somewhere, such as the tsunami in Japan or the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, then the rest may not know about it. We need for something so extreme to happen that everyone on Earth will shudder and begin to think about what to do with our lives.

Question: Does the feeling of such a problem carry within itself some force of connecting people? Maybe it will be some kind of psychological shift, a psychological shake-up?

Answer: No. I think that something very serious must happen, like, say, a worldwide earthquake, so that the Earth is properly shaken. Then there will be a need to unite in the face of an external global threat.

Even the fall of a meteorite would not be able to bring such fear to humanity, because only some part of the Earth would be damaged by it. If an entire continent goes under water, it is not a loss for all of humanity. It is necessary for everyone to experience the horror of loss to such an extent that it will be ready to act correctly after that.

I have seen such people who have been released from Soviet prisons. They were saying, “Just bread and water, that’s all we need. We are ready to live like this all the time: work, bread, and water. And if we will have a family, and a plate of soup with bread and water, then it is paradise.” This is the shock that everyone must experience in order to have the opportunity to correct humanity. A person is softened by suffering.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 1/12/21

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