The Most Correct Question

632.3Comment: Someone wrote to you, “You praise the virus while everyone else dreams of finding a vaccine. You seem to be laughing at everyone when you say that the vaccine will not help. Why are you doing this? You are depriving us of hope.”

My Response: No! There will be a vaccine, and there will be another virus, and another vaccine, and another virus. It all will happen.

I am not a proponent of you suffering, I am for suffering to be evaluated by you correctly and to lead you to the right result, that you would want to change your existence so that viruses would not actually exist, because you generate viruses by your wrong behavior and attitude to the world, to society, to people.

So the best thing to do is ask yourself this question: “How can I make the world virus-free?” Good luck to us in that!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman”11/23/20

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