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595.06Comment: During a good performance in the theater, the script itself and the scenes become secondary, while something internal begins to be transmitted that is difficult to explain in words—the soul of the performance. It evokes some kind of inspiration, excitement of something greater beyond what you see. Art, in my opinion, exists only for the purpose of having a breakthrough moment, of drinking from some fountain.

My Response: Art shows us that it is possible to rise above the purely psychological, every-day considerations and enter a field that is connected not with what is happening on stage, but with a certain force that controls the movement of some phenomena that exist above us, beyond time and space.

We must begin to feel it within us. This is the theater that is inside of us. And instead of the big green crocodile that is mentioned in The Book of Zohar, I feel a quality called “crocodile.”

This is not a theatrical image that certain people evoke in me. Through allegorical images I begin to feel the spiritual forces that define them and are called a particular word.

For me, this crocodile no longer has an image of a green monster. It can be positive, pleasant, kind, intelligent, controlling, albeit necessary and targeted, etc…

It turns out that when you read The Book of Zohar, you absolutely do not connect words with their images in this world! Once you snap out of it, you start wondering about how others perceive this text or listen to it. And it seriously brings you to some other reality, I would say, to unreality.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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