Fear Is A Driving Force

633.3Question: There are hundreds of types of fear in a person. Can any lack felt within me be interpreted as fear?

Answer: No, fear is a specific feeling of being afraid of your unfulfilled desires, up to the desire to live.

Question: Is fear a positive feeling, an emotion?

Answer: There are no negative emotions and desires. It all depends on how we use them.

If a person has no fear, how can he move forward? He must be afraid in order not to remain in the same state but to advance, to reach the goal, and to make himself a more corrected being. This is all necessary for him.

Question: There are different levels of fear. For example, are the fear of illness and the fear that you will not be able to bring contentment to the Creator different types?

Answer: Of course. Yet, nevertheless, they should be directed to one source—the Creator.

Question: Does it mean that there is no such thing in Kabbalah that you need to get rid of fear as taught in psychology?

Answer: In Kabbalah, you need to build a new kind of fear every time to move you forward. A person cannot advance only by positive forces. He also needs negative forces.

Negative forces push him from behind and positive forces pull him forward.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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