Disappearing Distances

546.02Question: Do Kabbalists know how to measure distance?

Answer: Yes, but this is a very difficult technique since they measure the distance, not only between egoisms, but also between altruisms, meaning between souls.

Question: How is this distance measured?

Answer: In Kabbalistic units.

Question: How much personal space does a person need physically?

Answer: I think that, as a result of our correction, we will come to a state where we will not need any space between us, but will begin to live together as one person with one heart.

Question: When uniting, is it important to observe personal space? Do we annul it, dissolve into each other or rise above it and each person remain with his own space?

Answer: No. We are united by the common power of the Creator that fills and embraces us.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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