Difference Between White And Black Envy

622.01Question: What is the difference between white and black envy?

Answer: White envy is when I envy others, but do not affect them, but only learn from them.

Such envy can be relatively egoistic if, looking at how others are excited about science, art, and so on, I envy them and this advances me. That is, I do not want to harm them, on the contrary, perhaps, I am even so sensible that I want them to succeed even more, and I will also catch up with them.

Black envy is when I want to succeed in something, but I see that I cannot, and therefore, in order not to be lagging behind, I do everything so that others stumble and do not succeed. Then I do not move them forward and I do not advance with them. Even if I do advance, I still do not want them to have anything.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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