Breaking Through The Machsom

938.03To break through the barrier of the spiritual world means to break the barriers in the heart of each person, which prevent him from connecting with others in the global system of Adam HaRishon, to reveal that it is all filled with the upper light, the upper force of bestowal and love. We must try to break open our hearts and feel our true inner connection, that is, the Creator.

Everything that happens in this world leads us to a single goal: to unite, connect, reveal our connection within the common integral system, and feel a drop of unity in our heart. Let’s imagine how we break through the barriers between us, passing through all the obstacles and mutual rejection, our resistance to the inner connection of hearts.

The more we strive for unity, the more we become convinced of how much we are opposed to it, how much we hate this state, what a black, endless abyss separates us from it. But if we step into this black abyss of our egoism, strive to unite despite all its resistance, and break through the barrier, that is, if we agree to step on our rejection and hatred, then we reveal that there is a drop of unity and connection.

There, within this drop of unity, we discover our connection with the Creator. Hatred and rejection, which felt like an impassable abyss, will remain because all crimes will be covered with love. And at the same time, I must be ready for this step. And as soon as I step forward into the abyss, I discover solid ground under my feet and can go on. But that is only after I have taken a step forward.

For an egoist, there is nothing more terrible than connection. This is the whole of creation. The inner rejection that we find in the heart against the connection with our friends is darkness, a black abyss of hatred, and there is nothing worse than that. The reaction to connection is the most difficult experience of all possible situations in life because it comes from the very root of creation.

But despite this, together with our friends, holding on to each other, we take a step forward with our eyes closed. We know that we must do it because only by doing this can we please the Creator and advance toward the goal of creation.

If this is really for the sake of the Creator, then we can make this action above our strength by annulling ourselves before our friends and receiving strength from them that we can go forward with. This is only possible through the power of the group.

My own Sefira Malchut is not capable of anything. But it has the first nine Sefirot, and if I join them, I get all the strength from them. Everyone should unite with their friends in this way, bend themselves, and feed on their strength.

Only in this form can one advance to the Creator:

1) connect with your friends,
2) gain strength from them,
3) take a step toward the Creator.

And then the Creator gives us a drop of unity to breathe in. The ten turns into a spiritual vessel of ten Sefirot inside of which is the Creator who fills us with the upper light. A drop of unity is a drop of light, a drop of spiritual seed, from which our soul begins to grow.

A drop of unity is revealed only to the measure of our efforts to unite. If we want to get closer and cannot do it, then a drop of unity comes and connects us. And then we discover that it is the Creator Himself, a drop of seed from the future state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/21, “Breaking the Barriers to Spirituality”

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