A Person’s True Earnings

600.02Question: The perpetual pursuit of economic growth and prosperity in the world has not made humanity happier. Many scientists and historians say that in the race to achieve happiness, success, development, and peace, a person increasingly falls into depression, into a sense of the unattainability of these goals. This leads to disorders and even suicide.

What really is success for us in the modern world?

Answer: In the modern world, the success of a person is to have such an environment that would allow him to achieve the purpose of his mission. That is, I must exist in my body and live with my family in an environment that would help me reach the necessary spiritual level.

In addition to family and other necessities, I need an environment within the frame of the spiritual work which I want to perform on myself in order to realize myself spiritually for the benefit of humanity.

Comment: Very often we compare success with the opportunity to earn money.

My Response: I think this is no longer relevant. Who is raving about wealth and all that today? These desires are fueled in us by the media. That’s what they teach us because someone needs to make money on us.

Question: What is actually a person’s true earnings now?

Answer: True earning is to find the meaning of life and consistently implement it from day to day.

Question: What will this earnings get us?

Answer: The feeling of eternity and the correctness of your existence. I wish this for everyone.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/7/20

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