2020 Is The Year Of The Birth Of A New Humanity

963.6Humanity will remember 2020 as very strange and unusual. It fell upon us as a blow and completely stopped all of our lives. Life had been going on according to established routines in relation to work, entertainment, and traveling; that is, with the maximum use of human egoism.

Suddenly such a blow as the coronavirus came and did not allow us to leave the house, to travel around the world, or to have fun. Theaters, cinemas, parks, restaurants, and bars were all closed. The coronavirus interrupted life’s race in which we were looking at each other and trying to keep up.

This does not mean that I had had a natural desire to go to a bar, to a cinema, to a theater, or to travel. However, I looked at what others were doing and copied them by virtue of my natural desire to be no worse off than others—a herd feeling. But, who was ruling this herd? People who have money and power, who want to send us to concerts, bars, restaurants, and on trips to different parts of the world, in order to make money from us.

It is all over now and we will never be the same again. Even if it seems as though it might be possible to return to the old way of life, it will not work. Even if we were to go on a trip, we would not be able to enjoy it as we did before. We would go to a restaurant or a bar and see that all of it is no longer the same, that it is somehow wretched and ridiculous.

And so it will be this way everywhere. Nature is raising us and teaching us to have a different attitude toward life, natural resources, and human society. Gradually, we are realizing that the coronavirus epidemic in 2020 was a unique period which gave birth to a new kind of humanity.

The year 2020 has been like driving a car without a steering wheel or brakes. How can we take control of the steering wheel again? First of all, we must understand that the coronavirus was not in the hands of man but came from above. This is why everything happened instantaneously, without asking us. The upper force and the power of nature put pressure on us from all sides and reformatted all of human life in a new way.

2020 was the doorway to a new world in which we will live according to new values. It will be important for us to learn how to get closer to each other, to become intimate, and to find out the purpose of our lives and their meaning. We must still pass and realize these lessons. We do not yet feel the special connection that has arisen between us. This will be a new kind of humanity that will be bound by new relationships to each other as well as to nature.

It will be a good life. It is necessary to perceive this blow as medicine because it is written that “the Creator’s blows heal.” Healing is already happening and is very successful.
From KabTV’s “The World” 12/27/2020

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