Unflattering Reputation

630.2Question: There are some obstacles in communication such as someone having an unflattering reputation. People may not want to communicate with that person because of information that discredits the person due to some facts regarding his biography and lifestyle. What is your advice in a case like this?

Answer: If it is a group of beginners in integral education, then it is desirable for people not to know anything about each other and not to talk about it at all. We need to start with the fact that you are a person and I am a person; we need to come to unification by the will of nature without any preconditions.

Question: And if they do know, for example, from the media that someone was in prison?

Answer: This means that this person must be introduced into a group that is prepared to perceive him as an absolutely separate personality.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/14/20

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