Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Ridiculed

555Question: The fear of expressing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings arises from the fact that a person does not know how others will react. He is afraid of being rejected or ridiculed. What advice would you give to such people?

Answer: This is ordinary human egoism that wants to look right, developed, something special, friendly, well disposed. As a rule, a person is afraid that he or she will be criticized, rejected, etc.

But in general, if we do some special training before the opening of the course of integral education, or just start it by carefully introducing people to it from afar, I think that everything will be easy in the first lessons.

And then everything will become natural. After a couple of sessions, they will feel completely relaxed with each other, and there will be no difference between them. They will understand that they are dealing with completely new properties, deeply hidden in them and not related to any earthly features or levels of development.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/14/20

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