The Essence Of Human Relationships

627.2The essence of human relations is in the emergence of a common general state. But even before it appears, all kinds of positive and negative impressions, understandings, and relationships begin to emerge in each of the two people who are communicating. And something new that was not there before is born from their encounter.

This all depends on how prepared we are for interconnection between each other by our previous upbringing. This is why we need to worry not about the interactions themselves but about how we prepare people for them. Like a mother who is sending her little son to kindergarten, or to school, or even to visit a friend, she instructs him how to behave, how to perceive others, etc.

A completely new feeling is formed in each of us this way, the feeling of perceiving another. From our mutual perception, these sensations turn into something common. Therefore, the goal of education is what kind of common platform we want to see between us.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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