See The Inner World Of The Other

198Question: It is said that the average person is able to grasp about 500 words per minute, and the average speed of oral speech is about 150 words per minute. It turns out that our brain fills everything else with all kinds of thoughts.

For example: during a lesson when I seem to be listening to something, my head is constantly swarming with thoughts that take me back to my childhood or to the future. What should I do in such situations? I try to hear something, I want to remember the information, but I cannot because of external thoughts.

Answer: The only thing you can do is to rise above your egoism. There is no other way. Applying the method of Kabbalah, you can rise above your ego, and then you will feel others.

Why don’t we see the upper world? Why don’t we see spiritual forces? It is because we are closed inside ourselves, and the spiritual world is everything that is going from us to others. But we do not feel it, we do not notice it.

Question: If I appreciate the person I listen to, will it help?

Answer: Yes. If you love him with corporeal love, you will listen carefully to him, absorb his words. However, this is not enough. There are still other means of communication: higher, spiritual ones, when you exit out of yourself and begin to feel the other regardless of your attitude toward him. By rising above yourself, above your egoism, you perceive him absolutely objectively.

This is a special technique that comes from the rule “love your neighbor as yourself .” If you treat your neighbor as you treat yourself, to this extent you will be able to hear him.

Moreover, you will see and hear what the person you love does not even expect—his inner world.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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