There Is No Problem That Cannot Be Solved

562.02Question: Do you think that all problem can be solved?

Answer: Absolutely any! It all depends on what level and how to solve it.

All of nature is determined by and obeys clear laws of light and vessel (desire). Decisions come from top to bottom and there are no surprises.

And although this is hidden from us, in general, there is nothing unknown in nature. However, we cannot calculate, as we study probability theory at the university, how high the probability of a particular decision is. Einstein also said: “God does not play dice.”

Question: That is, many solutions exist only in relation to a person? Is there really one clear solution?

Answer: Of course! Because the beginning and the end of nature are absolutely connected. But with respect to man, this unified nature exists in such an incomprehensible form that he collected it within himself and put all the cubes into one sleek pyramid.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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