A Factor That Helps In Making A Decision

627.2Question: The world is entering a period of uncertainty now when it is difficult to predict the consequences and take into account all the factors that may affect decision-making. What should we focus on?

Answer: That the world should achieve full integration on all levels and turn itself from a torn, multi-sided, contradictory world into a global world, in the form of a large sphere in which everything is balanced.

Question: Are there any factors hidden from our five sense organs that could help in making decisions?

Answer: Only love. That is, complete unification between all factors for the sake of balance between all creations.

Question: Does that mean that the closer a person is to the quality of nature, the quality of bestowal and love, the more chances the right decision will be made?

Answer: Undoubtedly.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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