Yom Kippur—Request For Correction

562.01In the process of spiritual development, there is a special state called Yom Kippur (from the word “kapara” – atonement), which means the correction of all sins that one has repented for and asked for correction. After all, it is clear that we can’t correct anything ourselves, and the sins we have committed are not ours at all because it is the Creator who created the evil inclination that controls us and makes us transgress.

It is not our fault that we are in egoism that each time forces us to think only of ourselves rather than others or the Creator. Therefore, both sins and their correction are not our fault or our merit because the Creator does everything. He prepared all sins for us and all the corrections for them, while we are between them like in a vice.

Our job is to attribute everything to the Creator: both sins and corrections. We only connect sin with correction to the extent that we realize and feel both of them come from the Creator and not from us. The Creator is above the transgressions and the corrections; it is a special upper force that is above everything.

Therefore, Yom Kippur is a day of special joy that allows us to rise even higher above creation and connect with the upper force to achieve its level. All the sins, all the egoism, made by the Creator, and the corrections achieved because of it, are necessary in order for us to understand the level that is higher than the evil and good inclinations, that is, to understand the Creator who cannot be attained any other way.

The Creator is separated from all of creation, and His essence can only be attained in this way by going through all our disunity. By connecting with each other, we connect with the Creator.

We rise above sin, above reward and punishment, and make these corrections only in order to reach the Creator who is separated from all of creation. The Creator prepared all these states for us so that we can attain Him—the one, unique, and only.

Yom Kippur is the main symbol of the process of attaining the upper force that is detached from all of creation. Without uniting and without concern about the whole world Kli, about mutual help, about all of humanity, it is impossible to achieve even the smallest spiritual revelation. All nations are destined to rise above their individual egoism and return to the system of Adam HaRishon to become one person, one desire.

Yom Kippur is a spiritual state in which a person reveals that his sin is believing that he was the one who sinned and not realizing that everything comes from the Creator. That is, he has not admitted that “There is None Else Besides Him.”

He thought that he did everything himself and evaluated his thoughts and desires inside his egoism. But now a person wants to correct his mistakes and all the impure scrutinies that are not connected with the one, unique, and unified upper force. This is what he prays for and asks of the Creator.

This is the essence of the Day of Atonement; it is the day a person wants to redeem and correct all the states and scrutinies that he could not attribute to the upper force. All our work is in attributing everything that happens in the world to the upper force and in considering ourselves to be only a creation 100% controlled by this force.

The ascent up the 125 spiritual degrees is identifying ourselves even more with the upper force until we come to the total adhesion with it. When we fully correct the Kelim, which the Creator intentionally broke, and raise it to His level, then we will be ready to begin the true path in understanding and adhesion with the Creator.

But these are the mysteries of the final correction. When we achieve this all together, all the creatures that are now in this world and those that are not here, we will advance further and find out what the Creator has prepared for us after the general correction.

Yom Kippur is when we reveal that not only good but also evil comes from the Creator, and they are of equal value. A person should bless for evil as well as for good because through both of these forces one attains adhesion with the Creator.

Adhesion with the upper force is our common and only goal; therefore, any states we go through should be perceived as an invitation to adhere. It doesn’t matter what I feel or what happens in my mind, heart, body, or relationships; it shows me where I can increase and strengthen my connection with the upper force.

The meaning of fasting on Yom Kippur is that we act only by the power of faith, not by the power of receiving.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/20, “Yom Kippur

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