Bringing All Nations To Unity

749.02Remark: Baal HaSulam wrote that the Torah was given to the people of Israel for improvement; however, here the people of Israel play the role of guides.

My Comment: “Torah,” from the word “Oraa” (instruction), is a method of uniting. We do not need to do anything except correctly implementing in on ourselves and demonstrate to thepeoples of the world how to apply it. Then everything will settle down and take its place.

Being guides means that once we connect properly with each other and begin to understand in detail how the control system works that influences our world from the upper world (called the Torah), we can do the same for the nations of the world.

In this way the system of the upper governance will begin to influence all of humanity through us. We all will become one single whole, controlled from above, and the world will reach its correct, perfect state.

Question: Looking at the world today, it is hard to imagine that Jews can be spiritual guides and give something to the world, except for such things like Hollywood, business, IT technologies. Can they really bring any moral values and change social relationships?

Answer: To do this, we need to turn everything a little upside down, place everything as it should be. Kabbalists call for this, but no one is listening to them so far.

According to Kabbalah, the world will experience tremendous suffering, falls, and crises in all directions at all levels until people understand what the cause of their ever-growing problems is and the people of Israel understand that everything that happens in the world depends on them.

They are the source of all evil in the world. It does not mean they radiate evil from within themselves, but the people of Israel just do not bring the method of correction that leads to good into our world.

This is their problem, and this is why the peoples of the world hate them. This will continue until all the nations of the world get together against the people of Israel and force them to think seriously about what Kabbalah has been saying for several thousand years now: bring all peoples to the correct state, to connection between them.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 12/9/19

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