What Is Of Greater Concern To Us: Good News Or Bad News?

laitman_547.05Comment: It is known that mass media influences personal development. However, bad news, meaning any acts of violence, military clashes, or natural disasters, consistently get much more screen time than reports about people who treat each other well, help each other, or try to prevent brutality. And the viewer is more attracted to it.

My Response: Sure. If I watch a program on TV that talks about the horrors of war, clashes, conflicts in the government or between people, I am more concerned about it because I may become involved in such events and be harmed.

While good programs that talk about people gathering, talking, singing, or working together, helping in hospitals, etc., do not pose any danger to me. Thus, I treat it matter of factly and may have somewhat of a dismissive attitude about this.

Comment: I must note that there have been attempts to broadcast only positive news, but they were not popular at all.

My Response: Naturally. It doesn’t trouble a person. A person feeds on negative news, suffering, and tragedies. Even in music and art any great meaningful works are always tragic and comedies are taken lightly. People have a casual appreciation of them.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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