How Can We Prolong Life?

laitman_560Question: In an experiment, homes for the elderly were connected to orphanages and researchers noted that the daily functioning of the elderly improved with the presence of children and the fear, insecurity, indifference, and restraint formerly observed in the children disappeared and they became like ordinary children, noisy and restless. How can we explain this?

Answer: This happened because the two parties lacked these things. The elderly lacked young restless kids, and the children lacked what kind adults can give them. This is the best way that life complements itself.

The orphans acquire an accurate and clear sense of security and kindness toward the world and toward life. The elderly people soften the feeling of the world in many aspects.

Even if they don’t have a special connection, the transmission of energy, the external connection, and even the insight that such a phenomenon exists, create a totally different picture and atmosphere.

In fact, according to nature we are built to live with three generations together—kids, parents, and grandparents. Two generations are not enough.

A child needs to see that just as his parents created him and his parents were created by their parents. Thus, he sees continuity, a flow, evolution. He sees how his parents relate to their parents, and this is a model for him as to how he should treat his parents.

He has to learn a lot from his grandparents because we know that “Israel, Saba (grandfather), and wisdom” are a whole system in our spiritual connection, and it is thus very important. Here, when we speak about orphans, the outcome should be incredible.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/27/18

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