Give The Virus Time To Take Effect

627.2Comment: Even at the level of the corporeal world, we can see how everything is interconnected, how events in one part of the world strongly influence events in another part of the world, and how the unrest that started in Minneapolis has spread around the world.

Not only in America, but also in Europe, Israel, and other countries people are starting to take to the streets to protest and demand. This is where you need to find the right words and those who will say them. Otherwise, nothing will work.

My Response: I don’t see how I can reach out to people yet. There are no necessary conditions yet. There is no such amount of conscious suffering through which you can reach out to everyone and ask, “Isn’t it enough?”

You don’t have to go to the rich. They hope that everything will return and new billions will be added to their accounts every day. You can’t go to the poor because they don’t have time for it and they don’t understand what’s going on here. The intellectuals are busy with their own inventions.

So my hands are tied, I have no one to turn to and nothing to say. I can explain it in more detail, but I don’t see to whom. We still need to give the virus time to act.

Question: Do you think that it can really encourage people to think about it and try to find a different answer? Not through a vaccine or medication?

Answer: No! The vaccine is an empty hope. No vaccine will help! If this virus goes away, there will be another one—even worse, of a different type, more sophisticated. We can’t get away from this!

Question: Was all this predicted in the books of the sages? And in what form?

Answer: The vaccine was not predicted, although there is a general opinion that the virus is from the word “Avirot,” “transgressions.” But that it will be in this form, no. I believe that this is a very soft landing of humanity “on its bum,” so that it feels where it is growing from and where it belongs. We will be forced to bow our heads and feel who we are.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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