How Genius Children Lose Their Abilities

959Remark: NASA found that 98% of children are born creative geniuses. However schools makes them dull, average people.

In the course of the research, 1,600 children aged four to five years old were tested for genius. Unexpectedly it turned out that 98% of children could be called a genius.

Five years later, new tests were conducted with the same children, already at the age of ten, and they received the following result: instead of 98%, 30% remained. Five years later, they again conducted tests—only 12% of genius children remained.

Then the researchers abandoned this and conducted a test with adults. It turned out that only 2% of them met the test for genius. Scientists have concluded that the process of studying at school, university, and so on, which supposedly should add IQ, “kills” a child who is born a genius.

My Comment: Of course! I felt how school was breaking me down. Breaking in the full sense of the word! How they forced me to study exactly like this, and explain like this, and think like this. I feel it today. How parents were pressing me, how school was pressing me!

Remark: If I come to think about it, it turns out that we built the entire education system to our own detriment.

My Comment: Of course!

Question: Why?

Answer: Because this system is built to stick a small, fragile egoism in some framework and make out of it what we need.

That is, we break the child, instead of developing him freely. Why do we need to feed the child these patterns of thinking? We teach them to think this way and not the other way. Of course, we cripple them by this.

Question: How should we educate a child?

Answer: We should talk with them calmly, freely, even without any topics. Only in a free style, in conversation. It can even be a group of people of different ages. So that they would talk about different topics and learn from each other, developing new topics and new opportunities from within themselves.

When I listen to others, I begin to think, “What about me? How is this for me?” This is a completely different development. All you need is communication, simple communication between people.

Everything else is created artificially, egotistically, for our egoistic needs, which only raise us, as egoists, above each other.

Question: Do you think that school and university are just egoistic pressure on us?

Answer: In order to make money on each other. Both science and art, and everything there is, exist just to earn from each other: either in the form of some material things, money, or in the form of worship, approval, respect, pride, and so on.

Question: And if, as you say, we could just talk, just sit under a tree, just talk and develop from within, what would we come to?

Answer: Perhaps we would have found some new correct community. I do not think it would have been easy. Yet, if we could correctly analyze our inner egoistic impulses in communication between us, we would be able to somehow hold them and balance them.

Question: In other words, do you think there would have been arguments and hatred anyway?

Answer: Of course! Our egoistic nature does not disappear.

Question: How would we have balanced this?

Answer: Between us. We would explain to each other. If we were not entangled in all these notions, psychological, scientific, etc., then it would be easier for us. The most important thing is direct, open communication.

Question: Will we then require any technical innovations, all this technical progress?

Answer: Why? What does it give us?!

Remark: But even now you and I are talking virtually. I am in one studio, and you are in another.

My Comment: Well, what do we need this for? With this, we just have to make up for our separation somehow. We would be talking, but perhaps in a different way, through different capabilities.

Question: Internally, even without words?

Answer: Yes, different communication, on a different channel. Through the internal connection between us.

Everything comes to the point that we give up our past attitude to life, to the world, to ourselves, to progress.

I hope that the attitude toward oneself and others as egoistic little creatures will become more and more apparent, will be as if before the eyes of the person and he will have to change himself.

Question: Still, in what is the genius of a person?

Answer: In the integration. In absolute, complete internal and external integration.

Question: Do you call a person who can do this a genius by and large?

Answer: Yes. If all education were directed there, the genius of a person would be preserved and increased.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/8/20

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Life And Death: The Circular Cycle Of Desire In Nature

712.03Question: Do I understand correctly that death exists in order for a person to think about the meaning of life?

Answer: In general, yes. If there were some other forms of the continuation of life instead of death, then of course a person would feel completely differently. The presence of death determines our entire worldview.

Question: What can you say about clinical death? Are the processes experienced by a person an illusion? And why are the pictures and sensations in cases of clinical death similar in many people?

Answer: This is natural because we exist in similar animalistic bodies, and therefore the processes that occur in us during the extinction of certain workings of our biological systems are similar and give the same readings.

Question: Is clinical death an illusion?

Answer: Partly, because desire itself cannot die. Only the form of this desire, called the body, disappears.

Question: As water changes its form, it can be in a gaseous, liquid, and solid state. So does a person change the form of his existence?

Answer: The point is that the process of life and death is expressed in relation to a person. Nothing really happens. It is only with regard to people that desire goes through such forms of transformation when it seems to us that it lives, dies, is born, and so on. There is a circuit of desire in nature.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/26/20

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