Where Can I Find The Strength To Reject The Desire To Be Filled?

laitman_942Question: Where does a person find the strength to reject the desire to be filled and to not receive the filling?

Answer: From the Creator. But in order to do so, one must be in a group because this force is not in us. We cannot refrain from receiving because we only consist of the desire to receive.

This is where we understand that we do not have the power to control ourselves. We begin to believe what Kabbalists say, that if you really want to attain the attribute of bestowal, there is no other way but to enter a group that engages in acquiring the attribute of bestowal because it is only through the group when a person annuls himself before it, that he can begin to acquire this attribute from the Creator.

There are not so many conditions for that, but it is very hard to absorb them in our egoistic mind.

  • I need to be in a group.
  • I need to annul myself before the friends.
  • I need to not receive from the Creator so that later I can receive from Him everything that He has prepared for me.

There are many different movements that contradict each other, and it is very hard for a person to absorb them and to picture everything.

Although all one is required to do is to simply sit down, physically, like a machine and study the system, then all these actions run through him at the same time and he constantly changes. When a person changes, he feels the acquired knowledge and actions in a new way every time. When he feels it differently, he does not understand how all this takes place.

It turns out that the wisdom seems simple: there is only pleasure and desire, which must be integrated correctly in order for pleasure to be received for the desire and the desire will give for the pleasure, but this does not work out, and it is very hard to attain it. This is why there are other aids such as the group and the surrounding light.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/16/20

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