When The Truth Is Revealed

laitman_567.01Question: It seems that I did not start my life with the feeling: I am born with a desire to bestow and this is quite normal for me. But when I discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah, I realized that I am in an odd situation. I started to feel the incompleteness of life. In that regard, I have this question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah also perceive movements in the opposite direction?

Answer: People who start to engage in Kabbalah soon begin to feel that they are corrupt and that they are egoists.

Previously, a person thought that he was an altruist, ethereal, completely spiritual. And suddenly, he realizes that he is not that at all because the truth is revealed to him. The upper light shines upon him and shows him that he is actually an egoist. And this is very good.

This is called the revelation of truth, the recognition of our evil nature, and this is the first step in understanding it.

What happens is a transition from illusion to truth. So, I congratulate you on starting your spiritual path.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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