How Can I Dissuade Myself That I Am White and Fluffy?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My question is regarding the qualities of reception and bestowal. Within these two properties, their symbiotic fusion, I feel like a complete altruist. How can I come to understand that this is not what I am?

Answer: There is no need for this! Not at all! You are a complete altruist. Continue to act this way in the group with all your heart, and you will gradually understand that you are a complete egoist.

Question: What is the difference between spiritual bestowal and bestowal in the corporeal world?

Answer: There is no bestowal in the corporeal world: It is a disguised egoistic desire to receive, to use another person. I do a favor for another because it is good for me, he will also do something good for me.

In fact, we are not able to perform any actions of bestowal. When have you ever given anything to anyone? Has this ever happened?

Comment: Always all the time.

Answer: You simply fail to see that all your actions are driven by egoism. Continue doing it, but in the group. Because outside the group none of it matters.

Start doing it seriously in the group, together with studying, together with dissemination, together with learning, bestow to your friends, involve them in something. But to bestow does not mean to boss them around. Give yourself! Start doing it, and you will suddenly see that everyone is bad, they do not want anything, you will see where you are, etc.

Comment: I am trying to do this, but this does not help me stop seeing myself as an altruist.

Answer: Lack of connection with the group: I have nothing more to say. This is the only thing that leads to the realization of the real evil. It does not happen on its own; so I am an egoist, so what. But evil directed against the Creator only manifests through the group.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Lesson 3 

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  1. If I do this in the group, I am seeing myself as a critical component to facilitate connections amongst friends. I see them having a great desire for connection to each other and for the study….to work in the workshop….is this not them wanting? I receive many praises for my work, but I have low self esteem, and do not necessarily want their thanks (in fact, I fear their thanks to some extent…. I want to bestow even though I cannot truly do so….not to receive). My will to receive wants the thanks and enjoys it. Is this a form of light in any manner? And, what does it mean that everyone in the group is bad? I do not understand.

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