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laitman_600.02Question: If a person cannot be in a group because he travels a lot and is constantly on the move, but at the same time he reads books and studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, can he discover the Masach inside him? Can the environment he is in interrupt in this process?

Answer: Of course, an ordinary society interrupts a person’s study because it has different goals. A person needs a society that studies with him in order to advance, not the society he is part of in his everyday life. Of course one’s family, workplace, etc. do not disappear, but other than that, he should be in an environment that supports his spiritual development. It is impossible to advance any other way.

In order to study in the right environment, we have a huge virtual system and the materials in our archives are displayed on our sites for free, including books, movies, and practically all our materials. You can also participate in our daily lessons, which are translated to many languages.

But without the support of the right environment that advances toward a common goal, you will not attain anything.

Question: Does this mean that if one travels, it doesn’t necessarily interrupt his studies because there is a virtual society today?

Answer: Of course. In 1995 when I opened my first Kabbalistic site, it was not a simple matter. I used to sit and type every letter. This is the reason that everything is ready for all of you today. Visit our site, read, and grow! If you don’t, you will not advance. How can you picture your adaptation to the upper world and to the management of the creation if you don’t study?

Question: And if I wish to study but only from books, do you think that it is possible or not?

Answer: If you are only attracted to books, start “swallowing” them. But you should know that there is a great variety of other sources in our archive that will help you advance more intensively.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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