The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 4

laitman_587.01Man and Woman in Spirituality

Question: Can both receiving and bestowing develop in a woman in our world? Will a woman who knows how to receive for the sake of bestowal be harmonious?

Answer: If men and women are separated in our world according to an external biological attribute, in the spiritual world, it does not matter at all.

In the spiritual world, in each of us, whether a man or a woman, a soul is formed from the desire to receive and the intention to bestow. Therefore, you can be the spiritual male part, that is, the giver, and your husband, life partner, can be the female part. Then you can switch places depending on your efforts and conditions. This has nothing to do with the physiological gender.

If you want to work spiritually with your husband, then you are already a group. A group is a minimum of two people and maybe ten, but no more. In the group, everyone gives and everyone receives.

Therefore, everyone plays the role of receiving as a woman, called the female part, as well as giving, called the male part. And this also has nothing to do with their gender. So all this is very conditional.

In our world, the difference between a man and a woman has a strictly fixed idea according to purely physiological characteristics. And in the spiritual world, I can turn from a man into a woman and from a woman into a man in one minute. It all depends on how the egoism is manifested in me and how much I can rise above it.

I wish you all to be spiritual men and to remain beautiful women in the corporeal world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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