The Essence And The Root Of Unity, Part 7

laitman_936Unite in Order to Rise to the Level of Man

It is said that unification creates life on a new level. This refers to unification above our egoism when we do not destroy it, but accept it as the left line against the right one.

The fact is that this is not an instinctive unification that exists within a certain framework in animals. It involves growth on a completely different level—the level of Adam (Man), from the word “domeh” (similar to the Creator).

In order to accomplish this, we cannot use any earthly sciences or techniques. Here we must be guided by a very special science, by a special method, called the science of Kabbalah, when with the help of special forces revealed by us at a higher level of nature, we are looking for the means that will help us to unite and create the entity called a soul or Adam.

The feeling of people who have succeeded in uniting in this way and have balanced their natural egoistic power with the altruistic power in nature is called life, the upper force, the Creator.

This is the next, fourth level of our development, which exists above inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature; this is the level of Man.
From Kab TV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel, Part 7” 3/24/19

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