Leave The Security Of The Known, Egoism, And Discover Perfection, Bestowal

laitman_962.8The personal desire of each one is very small, he is able to enjoy only the pleasures of this world. If one acquires the desires of the Creator, that is, the intention for the sake of bestowal, one gains unlimited desire, a spiritual vessel, and to its extent enjoys not receiving, but bestowal. One is no longer in isolation, in the grip of temporary, random, personal sensations, but in a sense of eternal, perfect and infinite fulfillment.

This is the difference between selfish desires and altruistic desires. In fact, the purpose of creation is to delight the created. We should enjoy it, but in such a way that the Creator can give us unlimited fulfillment; that is, we would not limit ourselves. Therefore, we need a desire that is outside of creation without any boundaries. And this can only be with bestowal.

It scares us that we supposedly break away from our “I” and lose ourselves, falling into slavery to the upper force. But this is not at all true. On the contrary, we exchange a tiny, temporary, random, limited desire for a perfect, eternal and unlimited one. That is the whole difference. But for this it is necessary to overcome the psychological barrier: It is my desire. And I grab onto it like a baby onto an old teddy bear. He cannot let go of it, although the whole world is offered to him in return: go, enjoy, and open new horizons. No, he only wants this bear, clutching it to himself, because it is “mine.”

So we disagree with parting from our petty egoism, although it gives us only trouble. In fact, these problems are a help to us, a call from the Creator to exit egoism. But no matter how hard we try to get the toy out of the hands of the child, he does not let it go.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is trying to explain to us that it is worth leaving your egoism and starting to work in a group. However, we have great difficulty accepting these explanations. We are tightly closed, limited, and unable to think just above this selfish border, above our old bear. We cling to it and it seems to us that our whole life is enclosed in it.

Only the group, only the light that reforms can help and change something here. Therefore, the Creator, in preparation, breaks up the common soul and says: “May one help one’s neighbor.” I cannot help myself, I am not able to fight my egoism, but I can help my friends. And so it is for each of us.

Everyone in the ten thinks about the others, and thanks to this we have the opportunity to let this bear go, open our hands, and in return, enter another world, another reality. The Creator has done great preparation to give us this lucky opportunity. We need only listen to the Kabbalists’ advice. We are at a critical point today, and we can realize this transition if only we seriously think about it and don’t miss the chance given to us.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/28/20, “Bestow Contentment to the Creator”
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