The Formula For Bringing The Creator Contentment

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of humanity is one spiritual body and the correction is not meant for the part that can be spurred but actually for the part that cannot.

It is possible to bring contentment to the Creator only if we perform the whole formula. I correct myself in order to connect to Israel—to correct it, and then to correct all the nations of the world.

The Formula For Bringing The Creator Contentment
This means that my prayer should include the following components: Me correcting myself in order to build a common desire with others, the corrected part of the desire called “Israel” or “Shechina” and Malchut.

All this is in order to connect with the nations of the world—in order to bring contentment to the Creator.

We should plan the end of the process and this is why I begin. If it weren’t for the final result—contentment to the Creator, I wouldn’t start this whole process, since then it would be an egoistic action.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/9/12, Shamati #46

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