The Jewish Choice: Unity Or Anti-Semitism—Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity

laitman_283.02The people of Israel were assembled from those people who felt their duty to connect in order to comprehend the meaning of life and its purpose, the correction of creation, and the upper force. Therefore, they called themselves “Israel” (“Yashar-Kel“), which means “straight to the Creator.” Abraham chose these people from all the inhabitants of Babylon, that is, from all the nations of the world at that time, and he taught them the main principle of connection: love your neighbor as yourself.

Thus, they rose above the egoism that was constantly growing and swelling like yeast in the human society. However, this growth was purposeful: to ensure a sufficient gap between humanity’s massive egoism and the force of connection above the egoism society is obliged to achieve. When we reach a certain degree of opposition between egoism and connection, then within it, we begin to reveal the upper force, the upper world, and ourselves as belonging to the spiritual world.

The growing egoism is the engine that lifts us from this world to the spiritual world, from reception to bestowal, from hatred to love. If we follow the principles of “love will cover all crimes” and “everyone judges according to his own flaws,” then we can each individually, and as a group together, achieve such a strong connection in which the Creator will be revealed.

Over thousands of years, the group assembled by Abraham in Babylon has changed a lot. Part of it disappeared, dissolved in the nations of the world, and will later be revealed. There were many people among the people of Israel who have attained the degree of the Creator as they were able to overcome their egoism and connect. Over the years, the conditions changed, but the principle remains the same because the laws of the world are constant and unchanging. We only have to learn them and implement them in order to reach the corrected state.

Therefore, it is necessary to study the process that the group of Abraham went through in history, because “the deeds of the fathers will become a sign for the sons.” From this, we will understand the direction in which we move, what is happening to us, and what signs of the deeds of the fathers we can see today, because the eternal principle of love your neighbor as yourself, the law of connection, always works.

From the Ari onward, all the Kabbalists said that we have entered the era of the Messiah, that is, the time of the final correction. There is one last stage of our development left, although it might be quite long. As always, the nations of the world are applying pressure on the people of Israel, and this pressure is designed to force us to connect at least through the path of suffering.

The Jewish people must draw conclusions from their history and connect, following the example of their fathers. Through this connection, we will almost immediately feel relief from the external pressure thanks to our correct reaction to it and efforts to connect. Therefore, all the wars that are arising against us will immediately cease because we will begin to advance without external pressure. If we ourselves reveal our forces for advancement and rush forward, then those who were resisting us, on the contrary, will begin to help.

This will be a correct tendency, corresponding to the single upper force that wants to see humanity in such a connection. However, if we fail to make efforts in moving toward unity, then to the extent that these efforts are lacking, the nations of the world and the negative forces within the people of Israel will rise. They will start a struggle, a confrontation from all sides, in order to awaken us and force us to make the right choice: to understand the reason for this pressure and what we should do.

Today, we are in a very delicate and critical state. I spoke about this danger many years ago, but I did not expect that it would happen so quickly and that already in our time there would be such a special state between all the countries and nations all over the world.

We live in an era of new technologies, global communication, and we have reached a certain inner understanding of what is happening, the responsibility of humanity for our planet and the entire universe. In our time, there are many highly educated people with a broad outlook, not like it used to be before. Almost everyone has the opportunity to travel around the world and see the life of other nations, connecting with the whole world above distances and differences in languages.

However, in the matter of anti-Semitism, we see that nothing helps: the law that is bringing humanity toward connection acts harshly, one might even say cruelly. Above all, it applies pressure on those who should be the first to lead humanity, on the one nation that must do this work, that should become pioneers on this path, and lead the whole world.

There is no way around this law. The upper light, the upper forces are arranged in such a way that as soon as the people of Israel, the group assembled in the time of Abraham from all the nations, are united again, all the roads are opening for them. There are no difficulties, but to the contrary, there are forces of nature ready to help them and elevate them to the spiritual level on their shoulders. And following them, all of humanity will be happy to connect.

This is how the upper governance works, and this is how it will be. Everything depends on Israel as Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar, only they have the freedom of choice.

Israel are those who are drawn to come closer to the Creator. They feel obliged to lead themselves and all of humanity to a common connection and spiritual elevation. Any person in the world, any nationality, black, white, red, yellow, all four layers in humanity—1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th—belong to one nation, which is obliged to achieve connection and adhesion with the Creator.

Therefore, there is growing pressure on this corporeal group called Israel all over the world, even though they do not understand what is happening to them. After all, they abandoned this work of bringing themselves and the whole world to adhesion with the Creator a long time ago. Humanity also did not receive the awareness that the world is undergoing a purposeful development that leads it to complete correction; therefore, it does not understand the reason for its hatred. The Jews are confused about what is wanted from them, and out of their great egoism, they dream only of peace and prosperity. The nations of the world feel as if Jews are hiding something from them, not allowing them to come to a good life.

Therefore, these two groups feel lost in the dark where aggression emanating from the nations of the world collides with the hatred and fear felt by the Jews. It is clear that this is no good for either of them: great suffering awaits those who commit violence and those who persist in not wanting to hear about correction. Therefore, it is our responsibility to explain the situation to both groups and push the correction process forward as much as possible.1

Those Who Were Resisting Us Will Help Us

If Jews begin to connect, the nations of the world will accept it gladly because they will see that through this connection, they can get closer to the essence of creation. With the very point, the very desire, from which anti-Semitism is now growing, they will feel that the right movement has begun because they will begin to receive illumination on this Reshimo.

Anti-Semitism is the feeling of lack in the nations of the world, the need to receive light through the connection of the Jews. It is the most ardent anti-Semites who will be the first to join the Jews. We have already seen such dramatic overturns in history.2

The Upper Force Does Not Change Its Plans

Today, American Jews already recognize the problem of anti-Semitism exists and is growing dangerously. On Sunday, January 3, a protest march against the growing anti-Semitism will be held in New York. Many accuse Trump as if he is to blame for the growing  anti-Semitism.

However, we need to understand that no one here can help. We know that America is a very strict country, and if some legislation is passed, it will be enforced the next day. The law is guarded by courts, prisons, and the police. However, in the case of anti-Semitism, there is nothing they can do. We will see that all the actions of the government and the attempts to extinguish anti-Semitism will have no effect. After all, we are dealing here with the law of nature.

In the coming days and weeks, we will witness the futile attempts of the American government to fix this problem. This will seem to be the weakness of Trump and the left will certainly take advantage of it by accusing him of being unable to protect the Jews. However, no measures will work. You can set up millions of police patrols and pass new laws, but it will not help.

The upper force must force the people of Israel to unite, and it will do so. It will not retreat even if only a small handful of people will remain from Israel and the rest are killed. However, the small group that remains will achieve connection and will be the beginning of a new humanity. All the nations will then connect around it and come to correction.

We will see that no government in the United States, neither right nor left, will be able to extinguish anti-Semitism. It is a force from above.3

In light of the growing anti-Semitism in America, can we be sure that moving to Israel guarantees a quiet life and protection from anti-Semites? Yes, but for a very short time. But if we do not convince the Jews around the world and in Israel to start connecting, the next stage will be tough, unprecedented sanctions against the state of Israel by all countries, including the United States.

We will feel as if we were under siege in Israel. This, too, will last for a short time, and then, if this also does not help convince the Jews of Israel to connect, as Baal HaSulam writes, we will be thrown out of this land and scattered again.4

Working for Idols and Working for Unity

I am not trying to assess how my words will be accepted by every part of society. A lifetime will not be enough to study this. I only need to learn how to come to correction and how to awaken the whole world to it to the best of my ability. That is all. I do not analyze their condition, religion, faith, science, or culture. Everything is much simpler. The whole world is divided into two parts: working for idols and working for connection. The upper force is unity, connection.

To achieve connection, there is a simple method: we awaken the force of unity by connecting with each other above our egoism, in spite of it. To the extent of this connection, between us we reveal the force of connection to the Creator, the revelation of the upper force.

There are two forces in nature: positive and negative. The positive force of connection is concealed, and the opposite, negative force of egoism is revealed. If we try to connect in the ten above the force of rejection, the force of our egoism, then the positive force awakens and helps us. This force is concealed in nature, but we discover it by our efforts and thus move toward connection.

Then, within our connection, we will clearly reveal the upper force, which is called the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.

This is our program. There are thousands of different spiritual methods, beliefs, and opinions in the world. We do not dig into them because it does not matter. After all, there are only two forces in the world that need to be brought to balance. This is the balance we create in the group through our connection.

The method of Kabbalah is very practical and concrete, and we can implement it.

Therefore, there is no point in trying to understand other philosophies because they are not based on the upper force. They say that a person should try to change himself as if he already has positive qualities. Kabbalah states that initially there is nothing positive in a person, only negative—one’s egoism. The evil inclination controls a person from one’s birth: “Man is born a wild ass,” and we must try to connect above egoism.5
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