The Secret Of Black Holes

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/2/20

Science has revealed that within black holes, there is no time, the laws of physics do not apply, and the gravitational field consumes everything, including the light.

How would we know what is actually inside, and how that “inside” sees us?

Our world is defined by three main parameters: time, space and motion. What is beyond these parameters cannot be attained by us by the means that we use to study things in this world. We definitely can guess, but in order to perform a serious study of what lies beyond, we have to gain a different nature.

We live below the speed of light. Taking the universe into consideration, we seem to be very primitive, as being under something means being completely ruled by it, without a true opportunity to realize a personal “I.”

However, if by a happy chance, we receive an opportunity to come closer to the qualities of light and rise above our nature, we’ll realize and understand all the things yet to know. The wisdom of Kabbalah is practical guidance on how to catch and use that chance.

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