How Much Do I Contribute To The Spiritual Advancement Of Others?

laitman_962.7Spiritual attainment absolutely does not depend on the person himself but only on how much he contributed to the advancement of others. Otherwise, what is this spirituality? After all, one realizes actions for the sake of bestowal, that is, actions of the Creator, helping others, receiving permission to enter spirituality for them. One made efforts to make oneself a channel for awakening the friend.1

To pray for the friend means to want the Creator to help him. There is no need to go into details conveying to the Creator exactly how to help. I pray for the friend if I am ready to give him my Kelim so that he will simply rise and correct himself on their account. That is, I turn into a connecting channel for him.2

How can I convince the Creator to help me? In the time of Terah, the father of Abraham, it was possible to pay a priest and buy patronage above. This is the technique of Terah adopted in all religions and beliefs. But the method of Abraham is different and claims: “Only love!” Only if I want to achieve spirituality, bestowal, and I ask for a friend, then the Creator helps.3

We do not seek to despair from the work, but when the despair comes, we perceive it as a good sign. Indeed, it is known that despair is a genuine Kli. If there is disappointment in one’s own abilities, then a desire over which I have absolutely no power has been revealed. And then I can ask the Creator from this desire.

Despair is a sign that I have no power over my desire in any form. The Creator illuminates this desire in such a way that I see that I am incapable of correction. And then I can turn to Him. Maybe I cannot cope with disappointments and I fall—it does not matter. It is said: “A righteous falls a thousand times and rises.” Let’s say I fall, but I will receive experience on how to fall and rise. It is known that while an infant learns to walk, he falls and rises many times.

We are approaching the exodus from Egypt, and therefore, each next step becomes more joyful and harder. And salvation is only in our unity.

For me, the main thing is to act in such a way as to at least bring contentment to the Creator. Even by the fact that I do not give up this path, I already delight Him. The Creator, as it were, pushes me away and forces me to quit, but I remain despite of all my disappointments. And by doing so, I certainly bring Him contentment.4
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/20, A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar
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