Changing Your Attitude Toward The World

laitman_293.1Question: Some people, feeling the lack of something, automatically feel unhappy. That is, there is a widespread model in society that happiness is continuous joy and pleasure. There should be no suffering in my life. Where does such a model come from?

Answer: This is the wrong formulation of happiness, the wrong formulation of the question, and the wrong upbringing. We do not know our nature, and therefore, unfortunately, we are unhappy.

If we understood who we are and what we are, we would be able to form ourselves so that our structure and attitude to any state would be perfect.

This is what Kabbalah does. It does not change the world, it does not say that you have to change something around you. You must change your attitude toward the world. Then you will be happy. And you will be in an absolute state.
From KabTv’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/15/19

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