Meaning Of Life, Part 8

laitman_939.02We Will Raise their Desires to the Creator with our Intention

Question: Is it possible to reveal the Creator with people who are not searching for the meaning of life?

Answer: No.

Question: So that means there should be a group of people with one common goal. What are the other 8 billion for?

Answer: Others will gradually feel that they have no meaning in life, that they need something, although perhaps it is not yet the attainment of the Creator. However, they will feel and discover all sorts of negative qualities, negative aspects of their lives, and in order to get rid of them, they will still have to gather in groups that are attaining the Creator. Not at this level, but at a lower one.

The meaning of life is the destiny of just a small group. The remaining 8 billion will be aspiring for the Creator for various reasons. For example, because they need to provide for their children, family, etc. They will not have a question about the meaning of existence.

Nevertheless, their aspirations for some materialistic goals will be enough because they will enter into our desires even with their egoistic desires, and we will be able to raise their desires to the Creator with our intention.

It is enough if they just know that there is a goal, and you need to gradually get used to it, adapt to it. This is enough to make this goal manifest in the masses even without raising their intentions to altruism. It is because we will give them our intentions, and they will give us their desires.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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