A Man Asks And The Creator Grants

laitman_936Question: Pursuing Kabbalah, we kind of come back to a point of higher energy. To do this, we need a group of people, like-minded people, because the power of unification manifests itself only in it. Does that mean this ball of energy or the Creator has the property of unification?

Answer: The Creator is one, and in order to comprehend Him, we need to achieve unity. This can be achieved only if we strive for Him, if we somehow master Him.

Question: What exactly do we need to achieve, unity with Him or unity between us?

Answer: Properties of unity, i.e., the unity of all opposites. Therefore Kabbalists point out that the best way to achieve this is to get together in a group and try to connect in such a way that there is absolute understanding, absolute interaction, absolute fusion, unification to the point of love.

All this will be above the opposite of our properties. On one hand, we will begin to distinguish more and more between our contradictions. And on the other hand, we will have the opportunity to rise above them.

Question: Figuratively speaking, how do atoms while loving each other combine and form molecules, or how does one cell in the body love others and when combined with them form some kind of organ just like us?

Answer: Yes. This occurs in inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature; there is a coercive higher power, the Creator, who absolutely clearly controls them without requiring any approval, support, or request from a governed object.

Therefore, all levels of nature, except people, unconsciously perform the actions of the Creator. He controls us so that everyone consciously asks the Creator to correct them and connect with others. Here a person becomes a fellow traveler, an ally, and a partner to the Creator.

This is very important because to the extent that we begin to feel the problems that the Creator poses before us, we begin to ask Him to solve these problems. He solves those problems by combining a man with others, with all of nature: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. It turns out that the Creator gives a person conditions, a person asks, and the Creator grants.

Question: That is, all the problems and hindrances that are given to us in this life are needed in order to direct everyone to a closer state with other people?

Answer: Yes. And in this closer state between opposing people, the Creator reveals Himself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/11/19

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