“Come In Already!”

laitman_962.4We keep coming back to reading the same articles, but we must see them in a new way every time, as if reading them for the first time. If I embrace the material as new, it is a sign that I am advancing. The article is old, as it is written “And you shall eat old store long kept,” but every time I find a new taste in it.1

Cascading from above down, the upper worlds pave the way for us from below up so that we eventually discover that we are standing at the bottom, at the foot of the ladder, which we should climb. Everything is already determined, every degree. The only choice is whether we go through this path in due time (Beito) for each stop, that is, according to a predetermined process moving from one degree to the next, or through hastening time (Achishena), accelerating our ascent in accordance with our efforts and thus changing its character.

All states are already predetermined, but we can enter them through our own will, requesting and making efforts to advance. If we move with the natural course of time, we stand before each degree until the conditions in the old degree force us to change. Therefore, it is a slow and unpleasant journey.2

The internal part of the worlds is the upper light clothed in desires. The external part is the effort that we need to make in order to enter the internality and ascend. We are always in externality in order to achieve internality through our exertion.

At each degree, we pass from externality to internality. Externality represents the conditions given to us in which we need to reveal the intensity of our exertion, desire, willingness, and then we will be rewarded with the internality. This is like the left and right lines from which the middle line is built. The stages of spiritual attainment always go from externality to internality.

Every person first belongs to the nations of the world, which belong to the externality of the worlds. When he understands that it is necessary to reach bestowal, which is possible only through our connection and mutual guarantee, then he reaches the internality and becomes Israel. At each degree we receive new conditions and implement them, moving from the left to the right line.3

We cannot artificially disconnect ourselves from expecting an egoistic reward, it all depends on the extent of our connection. The more we connect, the more we feel that we are dependent on the one. And when I depend on the one—one principle, one source—then everything else disappears from my field of vision because I cease to take it into account, relating everything to the single upper force beside which there is nothing. It all depends on our connection.4

Externality rules over us so that we can overcome this external control within us. Every person consists of an external and an internal part and with the help of the group, environment, and study, he must overcome the externality in order to scrutinize the internality and connect this internal part with the internal points of the friends. This is how we will reach the center of the ten where the Creator is certainly waiting for us.

Imagine how we, that is, our internal point, come to a heavy iron-bound gate, and if we are all connected, the gate opens and the Creator meets us on the threshold saying: “Well, where have you been! Come in already! The table is already set and everything is ready for the feast.”5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/17/19, “A Handmaid Who Is Heir to Her Mistress”

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