The View Of The World From The Ten

laitman_234When a point in the heart awakens in a person, one yearns for the Creator, but one does not yet feel like a separate part of the common system and does not seek to connect with others. However, gradually, under the influence of the reforming light, one begins to feel the need to connect with others; ultimately there is one soul and it shines equally to each and every one.

One still needs to correct one’s perception of reality because a person feels the world totally differently from one’s shattered vessel. It seems to him that we all exist separately and that the world is divided into many parts, somehow connected with each other. Yet, you must see the world as one, as integral, that is, not connected by some kind of threads, but rather existing as one whole.

Even if we are connected to each other through the will to receive, the restriction, the screen, and the reflected light; in other words, even if we are connected through some kind of tubes, there must still be such a connection between us, as if there are no limitations in this connection through the tubes, the individual threads. These connecting pipes must fill the entire space, as if waves of the sea penetrate between us, connecting us without any barriers.

We will then turn into a single Kli, the way it was before the shattering, but through an infinite number of screens. The attitude to the will to receive will become corrected through the infinite number of individual acts of overcoming, and we will reach an integral and continuous connection.

The worldview from my ten’s perspective and from my individual perspective differ as if a perception of reality were created by the Creator and by me. I see the world in the form of separate pixels, in a black and white image.

The more pixels I distinguish, with more forms and colors, the clearer and deeper is my perception in all axes: past-present-future and I-the Creator-the common soul. However, all this is in binary form, in the contrast of light and darkness.

When we come closer to the state where darkness shines as light and light and darkness become as one whole for us, we should as if lose the ability to see anything in the old perception where everything was based on the difference, on the contrast between black and white.

The spiritual perception of reality, however, depends on how much I annul myself, eliminating the difference between light and darkness. I want darkness to shine as light in my senses, which is against my will to receive. I want to rise above it so that darkness will resemble my new desire armed with restriction, screen, and reflected light. I then reach the higher perception of reality, feeling it as the Creator. 1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/16/19Writing of Baal HaSulam, “600,000 Souls”

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