The Meaning Of Kabbalistic Books, Part 4

laitman_587.01The Torah Is the Language of the Program of Humanity

The Book of Zohar,  “BeHaalotecha” [When You Mount the Candles], Item 58:  Woe unto one who says that the Torah comes to tell literal tales and the uneducated words of such as Esau and Laban. If this is so, even today we can turn the words of an uneducated person into a law, and even nicer than theirs. And if the Torah indicates to mundane matters, even the rulers of the world have among them better things, so let us follow them and turn them into a law in the same way. However, all the words of the Torah have the uppermost meaning.

The fact is that you can write more fascinating novels than the Torah. But it presents a completely different story, which is encoded.

Every letter, every word, everything that appears in the Torah from the first letter “Bet – ב” to the last letter “Lamed – ל” is a code. The word “letter” translated from Hebrew means “sign.” That is, they are certain signs that follow each other in a sequence.

The Torah has no division into words. There are no punctuation marks in it: periods, commas, hyphens, etc. It represents one sentence from beginning to end without division into any intervals. In this sense, the language of the Torah is a bit like computer language. It is the language of the program of humanity, which must fulfill it.

Each letter of the Torah is a sign that a person must express in himself, in his properties. What does it mean to read the Torah correctly? I take each sign, each letter and format myself according to it: one format, a second format, a third one.

Afterward, I go through certain states. It is these states that I experience from the beginning of the Torah to its end that from me form an Adam, a human being, who is completely similar to the Creator.

The Torah is a program according to which each person reading it correctly as if chisels each letter in one’s egoistic desire. Then these desires are gradually transformed into altruistic properties, actions, and states, and a person achieves one’s complete similarity to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/18/18

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