Be Aware Of Your Current State And The One You Want To Achieve

laitman_256In order to achieve restriction, we must understand that there is no point in living for the sake of our egoism but that our entire life should be for the benefit of others. But only with the help of the environment is it possible to come to such a breakthrough when everyone around me is lying to me, as adults lie to a child, that it is worth living for the sake of society. And I believe them like a baby.

When I begin to integrate with the friends, the reforming light comes to me through them. In ordinary life when children trust adults, they are also affected by the reforming light, only in a corporeal form. The same law works here.1

If at the end of each action I do not reach despair and a prayer to the Creator, this action remains incomplete. The properly-completed action is one where I am disappointed in my abilities, understanding that there is no success and there will be none, but I have to achieve what I want. I understand that everything is in the hands of the Creator and I turn to Him.

I have every reason to turn to Him and ask because I have done everything possible and made sure that I really need this goal, but I cannot achieve it by myself, only with the help of the Creator. This is the seal that approves the action.2

If a person wants to reach a prayer but something stops him and disallows the prayer to escape from the bottom of the heart, it means that his desire has not yet ripened. This is not a simple request. It must rather consist of many components. It would seem that it is enough to cry like a baby and the Creator will understand. Indeed, the Creator understands. However, if a person is required to pray effectively, to raise MAN, he must be well aware of his current state and the state he wants to reach.

This is not just a request like in our world, but the ascent of the future Partzuf, only in the form of an information code (Reshimo). It includes in itself everything a person can imagine. We are not yet ready for this, and therefore, our request does not deserve an answer. So far, it does not accurately reflect our future state.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/19, “What Is the Measure of Repentance?”

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