Everyone Judges According To His Corruption

laitman_528.01Question: There is a rule in the Kabbalistic group: everyone is perfect except me. Does this proceed from what was said in the Talmud that everyone judges to the extent of his corruption?

Should I prepare myself in advance so that if I see negative qualities in my friends, I must understand that they are in me? But this is pretty odd; it is against our nature!

Answer: It is against our nature until we attract the upper light, which attunes us.

In other words, I have to, with the help of the upper light, reach a state when I will feel that everything negative I see outside myself is merely a demonstration of my own corrupted qualities that I have to correct as they gradually reveal themselves in me. In fact, there are still millions of repulsive properties in me, but only those that I can correct now are shown to me.

Question: But how does it happen? After all, I see that I cannot do this!

Answer: That is good.

Of primal importance in Kabbalah are the contradictions revealed between a person and his egoism, that is, between the right and left line, between what is real and what is desired. When I see in the other what is unpleasant to me, I must understand that I judge this only to the extent of my corruption.

That is why I must think, ask, and pray for my correction.
From KabTVs “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/25/18

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