All Desires Remain

laitman_219.02It is impossible to eradicate the will to receive because it is creation itself. You can confuse yourself, get drunk, rush after one desire instead of another, extinguishing the first desire in such a way, but it is impossible to uproot a desire. I can ignore it out of fear or because of other stronger desires, but it is impossible to fight it directly.

Even the reforming light does not change the desire itself; it only raises or lowers its importance. Yet, all desires remain with a person as they were given to him at birth. If a person attributes no importance to the desire, then he can as if erase it from the screen on which he sees the world. There is no other way because the entire creation is a desire.1

Before the convention, I expect that the European tens will establish connections with each other and with all other world groups. There should be one common virtual meeting place where everyone can meet, get information, and recharge.

We need to be included in each other not only on an informative level, but also in feeling. I want to feel the friends as the organs of my body that were separated, and I must bring them closer to me. As much as I bring them closer and increase my sensitivity to them, I enliven them and begin to feel them alive, connected with me, and living within me, to that extent I build a vessel of the soul until the Creator is revealed in it.2
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/16/19 “Correction of the Shattering – Preparation for the Congress”
1 Minute 3:10
2 Minute 19:35

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