Upbringing In Kabbalah

laitman_942Question: Many times I’ve heard you speak about the necessity of proper upbringing. What is upbringing according to Kabbalah? Can egoism be educated or do we need a properly educated egoist?

Answer: A Kabbalistic upbringing means an upbringing by means of the upper Light. It is when I, along with my friends, with the help of various actions described in the Kabbalistic methodology, attract the upper Light. The upper Light influences us and brings us to a state of unity where the Creator is revealed and where we all become one whole. This is the state we have to reach.

A Kabbalistic upbringing is supposed to unite us under the influence of the upper Light, revealing the Light under the condition that our connection, our mutual bestowal, will resemble its qualities. Then in the union between the upper Light and us, we will reveal its source—the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/29/18

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