To Obtain The Common Soul

Laitman_115.04Question: What is the difference between the state when I attach other parts of the common soul to myself and the state when I become attached to them?

Answer: If I attach other parts to myself, it means I am the upper one for them and I am obliged to take care of them as the upper one. I have to receive their desires and pass fulfillment to them.

If I become included in them, it means I am the lower one. Then I annul myself and receive from them something they fulfill me with. I do it without any criticism, like an embryo in its mother’s waters.

The perfect work within the corrected net in the final correction means that I receive from all and give to all. Then I obtain the whole vessel of the common soul in its entirety, from zero to infinity.
From the conversation in Iceland 5/23/18

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